FAQ'S: Trading in the 9-5 for Entrepreneurship


I've been getting a lot of questions lately about what I do and how I broke out of the 9-5 life. I've answered some of my FAQs below so you could learn more! Leave a comment below if you have more questions :)


What exactly do you do? 

I help brands and creative entrepreneurs develop and execute their social media, pr and brand strategy. This includes everything from content development, media outreach, influencer marketing, ad strategy, and analytics. Additionally, I create content daily for A Life Curated, a lifestyle website I started in 2016.   


When did you know you wanted to quit your day job and make blogging full-time?

I never quite fit into the 9-5 mold. After working in corporations, agencies, and pr companies for nearly a decade, I knew I had gained enough experience to go off on my own.  I had created opportunities for myself to do social media consulting for small brands and project work with agencies that didn't require me to follow a traditional 9-5 work format. Once I secured enough clients, I felt confident enough to start my own consulting company. 


How do you find new clients?

LinkedIn has influenced my career path in such a positive way. Its worth spending time on your profile because the rewards are two-fold. Recruiters, brands, and companies reach out to me on LinkedIn regularly. Getting my MBA has helped as well -- some of my best friends are business owners. I would say 60% of my clients have been friends of mine and 40% of the companies I work with have found me on LinkedIn or through word of mouth. Doing good work is also a driving force and has snowballed into referrals for new clients and more projects.   


What are challenges you run into with blogging?

So many! Its not easy as it looks. I taught myself everything from building a website, to logo design, to editing photos in Lightroom, and making YouTube videos with Final Cut Pro X. Building a brand and blogging is a learning process. It takes experimenting, fine-tuning, and listening to your audience to get it right. You have to be OK with not getting paid for any of it and have the patience to keep building it even if there's no audience initially. I don’t have a traditional job anymore but I probably work 60+ hours a week. Its different than working those hours in an office because you're the boss and investing your time into a building a more flexible lifestyle for yourself. 


What’s your secret to success?

I've always gravitated towards entrepreneurial types so naturally my friends and network are made up of business owners. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people with similar aspirations allow for organic collaboration opportunities.