How the Founder of NuReveal Organics Introduced Skincare For All The Sensitive Types

Now that we’ve collectively become more aware of the parabens and chemicals that can potentially be in our products, there’s a big movement towards clean and natural beauty. Founder of NuReveal Organics, Alexandra Calvo, is ahead of the game when it comes to creating skincare products with clean and all natural ingredients.


Calvo’s brand, NuReveal Organics, boasts great results and cruelty-free and environmentally friendly ingredients. The NuReveal Bright Eye Serum was ranked as number one in clean beauty by the Vegan Project and the NuReveal Glow Serum received Editor’s Choice Award.

Prior to founding NuReveal, Calvo struggled to find products that helped with her own acne, rosacea, and skin irritation. As a result, she turned to creating her own skincare using organic ingredients to ensure paraben and chemical free products for sensitive skin. She found that her combinations not only cleaned and healed her skin, but also left a moisturized glow from the skin penetrating oils. With success, Calvo started NuReveal to share this natural wealth with us. We interviewed Calvo and found out everything you need to know about this up and coming Venice Beach based skincare line.  

Your brand, NuReveal, has a strong focus on natural ingredients, being cruelty free, and environmentally sustainable. Is there anything else that you’d want customers to know and take away from your brand?

I want them to know that every single product has essential oils which are healing. If people keep using harsh products, their skin will not react well. I formulate products for sensitive skin using organic ingredients and we make all products here in the US so we have quality control.

While testing out products, how exactly did you realize which ingredients did or didn’t work? For instance, how did you know when or when not to stick with a specific for the long run?

I use ingredients that have been proven to work for people. I don't experiment with new gimmicks or ingredients.


There’s a plethora of different oils, creams, and various other skincare products that individuals can try, but many struggle with where to start. What advice do you have to help decide which products are best to start with?

I would say that price does not determine quality. Many people think that because they bought a cream for $200 that it's better when in fact it's not. Don't follow fads but stick with products that use oils and butters.

We noticed that many of your products tend to have Rosehip oil, algae, and sunflower seed oil. Why did you choose to consistently use these specific ingredients?

They are a great base for products since they have a neutral smell and are awesome for skin.

What was the process like when creating different combinations of natural ingredients for your skincare products?

We create numerous variations of each product before choosing a winner. Also, I'm always improving the products we currently have. Since we are small batch, I can change ingredients depending on customer feedback. If customer emails show people want more Lemongrass in their cleanser, then we'll add more Lemongrass oil in the next batch! Being a small business allows us to be flexible and actually listen to customers.

How did you take the leap of faith and transition from using your products privately to making a business out of it?

I felt there was a market for NuReveal since I had terrible skin for years and didn't know what products to use. I cleared my skin by using simpler products. I use NuReveal products and have kept my skin clear of blemishes and lines so I know natural oils, butters and toners are the way to go.

What is the process you use for creating these different products, packaging them, and distributing them?

I experimented for years making skincare at home and testing it on myself and family. Now I work with a team and we make sure to source everything responsibly and we pack everything in a small factory in the US.

There’s a big movement for a glowy look using natural products right now. How does your brand differ from others?

We don't sell makeup to fake the glowy look but by using our GLOW serum you can naturally have this glowy look since your skin will actually be moisturized! Our oils penetrate the skin instead of just sitting on top.

How has your heritage or upbringing affected your brand?

I've learned to be independent since I was raised by a single mother and I knew that I wanted to someday run a company creating products that I myself needed.

What are your current beauty favorites and how does having your own brand play into that?

I love using oils to clean my face so I use Bella Rosa and I like serums that have only oils without other ingredients added so I use GLOW serum. I like to keep it simple and not mess with many products since that tends to confuse and irritate my skin.

Do you have any future plans for NuReveal we should stay tuned for?

More products! I am working on adding to the line.