Knours. Your Guide to Hormone Based Skincare


Periods are never fun - especially when hormonal acne starts to acts up. Well, we did some research and discovered a unique, clean skincare line focused on treating skin based on your hormonal concerns. We know that skin is heavily affected by one’s menstrual cycle, so with Knours. it’s time to say goodbye to hormonal acne.

Knours., makes use of hormone and cycle information to best treat your skin and help prevent skin concerns. With products like in-bed cleansing wipes, toners, face masks, and pH based soap, Knours. has a variety of products to choose from based on skin issues. Knours. also has an application, U-Kno, to supplement their products by suggesting when to use a product based on the information that you input into the app. With an additional emphasis on mental health, U-Kno also sends self-care messages to help one with the mental aspects of a cycle as well.

Jeana Chung, VP of Marketing

Jeana Chung, VP of Marketing

We interviewed Jeana Chung, the VP of Marketing for more details on Knours. so that you can get to “Know your skin. Period.” Check out the special information below and see how you can take your skincare to the next level.

Your Only Cleanser

How did Knours. come up with the concept of hormone focused skincare? What made the founder decide to go through with the concept and make the Knours. skincare line?

Hormonal skincare has been something that ALL women have endured but not addressed. We came up with Knours. to address the causal relationship between a woman's skin and her hormones. It was also important to formulate products totally clean of hormone disruptors to create the healthiest solution to combat hormonal skin care conditions.

Can you walk us through the process of making the products and how you use hormone cycle information to calculate when a specific product should be recommended?

Knours. was created in collaboration with top dermatologists, beauty creators, herbalists and tech experts to address the ever changing needs of a woman’s skin. Motivated by women who experience physical and emotional shifts during their period, each product is designed to be tailored to various points of a woman’s cycle for maximum efficacy. As hormone levels fluctuate throughout the four phases of a woman’s cycle, the effects on skin are typically the most visible.

Which ingredients does Knours. focus on incorporating into products to address acne, redness, etc?

Menstrual acne is fairly common. Knours. is made with all-natural ingredients and oriental herbal remedies that are known to be effective for the female reproductive system. We make use of traditional ingredients such as: mugwort, liquorice, Korean angelica, calendula, and chamomile that all rate highly on the EWG’s safety guide.

What common beauty product ingredients did you make sure to avoid using in Knours. to help you achieve your EWG verification?

Parabens, phthalates, PEG, silicon, sls, fragrance, etc.

How did the Founder come up with the name Knours. and how does it play into brand message?

Knours. stands for “Know Your Skin. Period.” We want customers to live using beauty products every day by knowing your {their} skin. Period.

Skin Meditation

What Knours. product do you recommend new users start with?

We recommend shoppers start with the Starter Kit because they’re getting the brand’s leading products including: Your Only Cleanser, Skin Meditation Gel Cream, One Perfect Cream, Double Duty Mist, (no-rinse) In-bed Cleansing Wipes, all in one. Each product is also TSA-friendly and conveniently packed in an eco-friendly, signature canvas pouch that is perfect for those on-the-go.

When reading about Knours., what are the biggest takeaways that you want consumers to walk away with?

Cleansing Wipes

Different products in the line are meant to address different skincare concerns in their formulations and actual application methods. For example, the Double Duty Mist is meant to be used shaken when skin is dry and dull and unshaken when skin is more sensitive and breakout prone.  There are also two moisturizers – the Skin Meditation Gel Cream and the One Perfect Cream. The Skin Meditation Gel Cream is meant to be used when skin begs to be soothed and cooled while the One Perfect Cream is for when your skin cries out for nourishment and richer hydration. In general, you can use all of our products at all times as it helps maintain your healthiest glow. Also, because our bodies absorb ingredients through the skin, it is paramount to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins by using clean beauty products like Knours.

How does the Knours.’ App (Knours. App) play into one’s use of the products and lifestyle overall?

To enhance user experience, the Knours. app serves as a first-in-class period tracker that generates personal skin regimens and content. This information is curated based on a proprietary algorithm that uses a simple questionnaire to better tailor the information to each user’s cycle. The app’s push notification system sends ongoing tips, tricks and reminders for a customized user experience.

Sweet Enough Rescue Mask

Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of brands in the market that advocate for clean beauty and healthy living - what differentiates Knours.?

In addition to the different formulations and actual application methods of the products, Knours. does not test on animals, is EWG verified and is 100% against the use of any harmful or controversial ingredients. These ingredients include mineral oil, color additives, and chemical preservatives that can potentially alter estrogen levels.

As a Knours. brand member, how do you incorporate Knours. and healthy habits into your own life?/What’s your go-to Knours. products and why?

As a new mother, I use the in-bed cleansing wipes when I am on the go between work, kids, and date nights with the husband.  I also love the mask for when I travel as it helps combat the dryness and tightness in my skin from long flights. Your Only Cleanser is truly the only cleanser that has ever completely taken off every bit of makeup and sunscreen without drying my skin - it double cleanses your skin with 1 wash so it's truly a time saver.

Double Duty Mist

What are your current skincare favorites and what other brands do you trust?

Tarte, Juice Beauty, and of course, everything Knours.

How did your Korean heritage come into play when creating the Knours. brand?

Korean women are fastidious about their skin. We wanted to harness the best, most effective ingredients that Korean women have been been using for centuries and update them with fresh new combinations and applicators to fit the needs of the modern woman.

How does having the Knours. brand affect other aspects of your life (family, social, etc)?

It has helped me to be more cognizant about what I eat, use, and how I exercise in order to pursue wellness. I am always looking for the healthiest options for my family and friends, so being able to share Knours. is such a blessing.

One Perfect Cream

Is there anything we should keep an eye out for concerning Knours. in the coming months?

We do have some very exciting things in the 2019 pipeline—stay tuned!