Saunabar LA Review

As a business owner, content creator, and blogger, its so easy for me to get caught up in work and completely forget about taking care of myself. One of the areas I set out to focus on in 2018 is self-care. I’ve learned over time that taking care of my health, my thoughts, and what I put in my body is the foundation from which I can build a successful career.


I must have put the intention out in the universe because shortly after I discovered SaunaBar. After being sick for almost the entire month of January, I wanted to introduce a holistic health program into my life. SaunaBar focuses on customized programs that pay mind, body, and spirit to diet, energy alignment, and awareness. My goal for the visit was to release the toxins in my body that built up over my month of sickness and get myself back to a strong place.

Jourdan at SaunaBar knew just the answer and set me up in their Infrared Sauna pod. These cool futuristic looking pods raise the temperature in your body without heating the surrounding air. The heat penetrates below the skin and aids in strengthening the immune system and promoting a regular biorhythm / healthy sleep pattern. The big plus? Each session burns up to 600 calories!

During my 45 minute session I meditated and did breath work. The heat, the energy, and being immersed in a pod made me feel more connected in my meditation. I felt rejuvenated and relaxed after the treatment. For those with problems like arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel, the infrared sauna pod is a way to treat the ailments homeopathically.

I had a great experience at SaunaBar and definitely plan on going back to see if there is a pattern of observable results. I do have to say that the first thing I noticed was improvement in my skin tone and stress level.


Overall, I’m happy to have discovered a little haven where I can establish my self-care routine. The staff here is warm, inviting, and happy to educate you on any questions you might have. Not to mention its tucked away in Brentwood, one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA. For more services offered by SaunaBar check out: If you’re planning on trying infrared sauna, leave me a comment below!