Self Care for Entrepreneurs


As an entrepreneur that works long hours, its easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and neglect self-care.

To me, self-care is about carving out time (guilt free) to hit my reset button (and not just on vacation). It’s about prioritizing my well-being. I’ve always been led by my left brain which is associated with verbal, logical, and analytic thinking and thoughts like, “I need to get this done first and cross it off the list so that I can do the second.” This rationale created imbalance in my life and didn’t allow me to process things in a healthy way.

One of my goals in 2018 is to prioritize my well-being holistically (mind, body, and spirit), so that I can live a balanced life that is more satisfying and full. I’ve started to pay more attention to ingredients in skincare and household products, I don’t buy things to follow trends, I go to my aerial yoga class 3-4x a week and I eat healthy when I can. These are small acts of self-care that gives me the feeling that my life is balanced. Without self-care, I was living to achieve outward success and neglecting my intuition.

More than ever, its important to participate in self-care conversations to help remove the stigma. Its been long perceived as negative or something that is indulgent. 30 minutes of meditation a day, treating yourself to a spa day, going to yoga class when you have a list of things to do is not indulgent. It’s preventative medicine through self-care.

In the past few years, a new generation of business founders have begun providing valuable services in self-care spanning different industries including alternative therapy, holistic healing, and nutrition. Carving out time for self-care and living a life curated has allowed me to become a conscious consumer. As a result, I’m gravitating towards companies that I feel are truly making a difference in the space. Here are just a few!


Healthy, sustainable, and ethical. For every bottle of Waikaea sold, the company donates 650 liters of water to those in need in developing countries through Pumpaid.


Incorporating this app in my life has encouraged me to try new workouts. The ease of the app gives me the push I need to have a consistent workout routine which has made such a big difference. Through Classpass, I discovered an aerial yoga studio I absolutely love. It gives me the ability to experiment with classes in my neighborhood before making a bigger commitment to a studio.


Ever since my friend Alana introduced me to this app, I’ve been paying close attention to the ingredient label on household items. The app (its free) allows you to scan everyday household products to find out if the ingredients are ‘dirty’ aka toxic. It was shocking to find out how products heavy with fragrance have so much toxicity.


Started by a young female entrepreneur, Knix promotes body positivity and the idea that you should dress for yourself and no one else.