My Day at Spa Le La


As I go on my self-care journey, I’ve allocated more time to discovering new spots in my neighborhood where I can have some “me time” versus work time. My idea of relaxation has always been a facial, massage, or a relaxing bath. I’ve been on a mission to find a spa close to me where I can have some quality time and escape from my desk and focus on myself.


I was happy to come across Spa Le La, a self-care sanctuary tucked away on Tujunga Street in Studio City. Living a curated life means being a conscious consumer and putting in effort to research the people, places, and products I bring in my life. I read all about the founder Trina Belton, the mission, and the idea behind Spa Le La ahead of my appointment.


Spa Le La isn’t your run of the mill trendy LA spa. Its much more than that and does what a modern business today should do. It solves a problem and fills a void. The spa is designed for busy moms and recognizes the idea that in order to take care of your kids, moms also need to take care of themselves.

I’m not a mother yet, but most of my friends are and I see their struggle to maintain self-care while managing their young children. Its nearly impossible for the moms I know to leave their children even just for an hour to go and enjoy spa time. Spa Le La solves this problem by offering complimentary on site child care so parents can enjoy uninterrupted time without having to get a babysitter or feeling guilty. Moms, this is mind blowing right?

I didn’t feel at all as though the child care element took anything away from the spa experience. The design, layout and color scheme is thoughtfully done and well executed, a seamless integration.


As a tea lover, I was happy to enjoy a hot cup of ginger tea before my infrared sauna treatment and mini-facial. The drinks menu includes a variety of teas, wines, and champagne. There is a cute patio area where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea while people watching on Tujunga – lots of young actors and creative types frequent the street for the infamous Aroma Cafe, just a few doors down from the spa.

The services I had for the day were the mini facial and infra red sauna. The mini facial was 25 minutes and included steaming for exfoliation and extractions in breakout areas. I absolutely recommend it. It felt so luxurious and left my face with a glow that lasted for days. Its hard for me to sit still too long so 25 minutes was the perfect amount of time for me.

Your kids can roam free in the whimsical Spa Le La playroom while you get your nails done, take a relaxing bath, get a mini facial, or an infrared sauna detox treatment. You can find their signature services here.


For detox, stress relief, and relaxation the infrared sauna is my go-to. Its private time I can spend in meditation as the benefits of heat therapy works its magic and give my body a little love.


As an entrepreneur, I strongly support new businesses that take risk to introduce new concepts and ideas that have not been executed before. I’m also a champion for female entrepreneurs that are making waves in new industries. Kudos to Trina Belton for introducing a neighborhood spa that truly understands the needs of the modern parent.