New LA Wellness Cannabis Brand Sweet Flower Offers Customers a Luxury Shopping Experience


Sweet Flower is changing the cannabis culture with the launch of two gorgeous new stores in Studio City and on Melrose and one slated for later this year in the Arts District. Whether you’re cannabis curious or flower fluent, all of the brands ‘florists’ are well educated in both product and policy and make it a comfortable experience for every type of customer. Each store has a wide array of popular products such as Sunday GoodsBeboeMary's Medicinal and of course their own brand of flower.  There’s a diverse array of SKUs including edibles, creams/lotions, and oils meeting every eclectic lifestyle.


Smashing the “bro culture” found in the pot shops of the past, women in cannabis and women enjoying cannabis are both new phenomena in today’s retail environment. It’s refreshing to see a brand cater to women and provide customers a luxury shopping experience that hasn’t existed in the cannabis space. Sweet Flower worked with CEO Tim Dodd are COO Terri Gilles, who comes from Snap and Google; chief strategy officer Lauren Carpenter, who comes from Med Men, where she headed Med Men’s western states government affairs; and director of retail, Fawnia Cantu.

The confluence of health & wellness, inclusivity, and localism - a movement that is truly reflective of the neighborhood the store serves.