Get your sleep on with FLORA + BAST's Age Adapting Sleep Tincture


It’s August and in honor of National Wellness month we tried out some up and coming products to help you get your wellness on. Today, we want to highlight FLORA + BAST’s Age Adapting Sleep Tincture.

First, we’re going to talk about the benefits of sleep. Based on several studies, although FLORA + BAST focuses on an active lifestyle, they found that the benefits of proper sleep outweigh those of physical exercise. Such benefits include being able to focus throughout the day, improved memory, curbed inflammation and much more. With this knowledge, they designed their Age Adapting Sleep Tincture to utilize the typical benefits of facials oils in combination with CBD’s.

FLORA + BAST believes that a natural beauty and skincare routine is a lifestyle choice that can positively benefit one and outperform any synthetic product based routine. They’re all about changing the traditional way that products are designed to deliver quality, medical grade products.

When taken 30 minutes before going to bed, the tincture helps regulate your circadian rhythm, fall asleep with more consistency and ease, and helps you sleep longer.

Minus the awkward 3 minute hold of the tincture in your mouth before swallowing, the Life Curated team gives Flora + Bast a thumbs up! When using the tincture, it was a smooth transition to sleep and we didn’t feel any grogginess in the morning. If you’re looking to regulate your circadian rhythm, want a natural sleep aid or are just looking for ways to boost your nighttime routine, FLORA + BAST is definitely worth giving a shot. Say hello to good sleep and better mornings!

To buy the tincture, head here!