Fairmont Hotels Launches Global Cocktail Program from Award Winning Mixologists


One of the most notable global hotel and resort collections, Fairmont Hotels, is launching a global cocktail program. In this program, the Fairmont Hotels will hand-select top, award-winning mixologists to collaborate, design and launch a new cocktail menu, Classics Perfected, that will be available at every single property in the world.

The newly unveiled 10-cocktail menu celebrates The Decades (19th and 20th centuries), paying homage to some of the most well-known cocktails in history.

A feature cocktail is the Material Girl. This cocktail pulls inspiration from the Cosmo, which many recognize as the popular cocktail from 90's show Sex and the City. However, it's lesser known that the Cosmo first popped up in the 80’s, when Madonna was photographed with one in-hand at NYC's Rainbow Room. Originally a mix of vodka, cranberry and Cointreau, this gin-based version features Botanist Gin and St-Germain, lemon and apple juice.

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