This Airline Pilot Founded an Eyelash Brand to Help Busy Women Look Polished All Day

Founder, Sima Mosbacher

Founder, Sima Mosbacher

Sima Mosbacher, a computer engineer that went on to be one of the world’s youngest female commercial pilot (at only 20 years old) has something to say about false lashes. When Sima enrolled in an airline pilot training program, semi-permanent makeup techniques like eyelash extensions were her timesaver, but it came with negative repercussions – she started to lose and damage her natural eyelashes. She decided to take matters into her own hands and solve her lash struggles by creating Moitié Cosmetics, a brand to help people with the same lash-issues. We sat down with Sima to discuss her entrepreneurial path, her brand’s ideology, and all about false lashes. 

Moitié’s mission states that “through makeup application you are not creating a new person, but rather enhancing your already natural and beautiful self” what made you think that it’s time for people to realize “true beauty comes from within”?

At Moitié Cosmetics we believe that real beauty starts with confidence. We want our customers to feel good about themselves’ and enhance their beauty with our long-lasting, revolutionary, patent-pending products that actually works. We offer multi-day wear makeup solutions that invisibly solve the hassle of cosmetic application and removal.

2. Describe your path to starting Moitié. What sparked the idea of creating your own eyelashes brand? Why eyelashes in particular? Where did your inspiration of “the other half” come from?

As an airline pilot, I realized that professional and busy women are looking for cosmetic products that have a very natural, polished look and that last all day. Alternative solutions are very expensive and time consuming. Instead of spending time with their family and friends, people are spending hours in the salon to get semipermanent cosmetic results. Many of these beauty treatments have side effects, which I experienced first hand. After 6 years of wearing lash extensions, I found myself losing all of my natural lashes. I found the experience devastating and this drastically affected my self confidence. That was when I had the idea for Moitié Cosmetics, long lasting makeup and lashes without the hassle of salon applications or lash damage.

We started with lash products, because great eyelashes can make wearing eye makeup unnecessary. Studies shows that 70% of women usually focus on eye makeup in their morning routine. Existing lash enhancements can have negative results, mascara can be messy and make lashes look clumpy, serums can cause serious reactions and false lashes require daily application and removal. Moitié’s unique 5-part lash clusters, coupled with the effortless application and removal process, is patent-pending.

3. Being a beauty and cosmetics guru yourself, what are some tips and tricks on how to properly put on eyelashes? How do you make false eyelashes stay on longer?

My Moitié lash tip is to make sure all lashes have the right amount of glue to seal, squeeze them to bond and take care of them after application. Always use fresh lashes and glue. Many of our customers, myself included, can wear our lashes even longer than 10 days.

4. From a safety perspective, eyelash adhesives / glues are the biggest concern with eyelash extensions. Can you tell us about the ingredients in your glue?

Our lashes are professional grade and and our kits include a strong-hold glue with ingredients such as cyanoacrylate, carbon and mma. Cyanoacrylate is an ingredient in all lash extension glues. Like with all cosmetics, it is not harmful as long as it is used as directed. Our ingredients have been used in the cosmetic industry for years, and there are no harmful ingredients that have been detected.

Moitié Cosmetics offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so our lashes are completely risk-free.

The Moitié Team and I wear our lashes proudly every day. I wouldn’t sell a product that I don’t believe in and wear myself. I love our lashes!

5. Moitié is gaining more and more recognition! What’s next for Moitié?

Next, Moitié will be launching a 10+ day lasting brow gel. Our goal is to keep innovating new long lasting cosmetics to make our customers life easier and more joyful.