The Founder of Good Dee's Shares Her Journey to Starting A Sugar Free, Ketogenic Baking Mixes Company


If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients in baking mixes it can be kind of scary. So many mixes are filled with junk. Most baking mixes we buy at the store list mysterious and unpronounceable ingredients and contain an abundance of artificial sweeteners. If you’re lucky and found a mix without the questionable ingredients, there’s a good chance that it’s high in sugar and carbs- which nobody wants too much of. 

Lucky for you, we’ve found a solution! We got the chance to speak with Deana, who is the CEO/founder of Good Dee’s, and she has carefully crafted the perfect cookie mix (as well as other baking mixes) that we’ve all been looking for. We got to learn more about her company, her journey, and how she came across this flavorful, carb conscious, and minimal ingredient mix. She’s found purpose in adopting a low carb, high fat lifestyle and in return has created some Good-Dee’s (get it!?) for all of us to try. I’m talking pecan cookie mix, coconut cake mix, pancake mix, blondies mix, you name it.

Good Dee’s has something for you. If you’ve also been looking for that perfect cookie mix- look no further.

How did you decide to make the jump from having these healthy, gourmet recipes for family and friends to making a business out of it?

Honestly, my sister made a very casual remark one day. I had made cookies (again) for everyone and she said “you should sell these!” I took the idea and RAN. 

What makes your gourmet, low-carb, sugar-free, and dairy-free mixes different from other ones in the market?

I use really good ingredients and I don’t skimp on quality. I also live this lifestyle and it’s important that it tastes good. I want it to smell, taste, and look as close to the higher carb counterpart we miss. Also, my main purpose was to make this easy. Using new ingredients can be so intimidating and I want this to be a one bowl type of gourmet dessert. 

What messaging do you hope people take away from your brand and recipes? 

That we are a transparent and passionate brand. I communicate with my customers daily and I love what I do so much. 

What advice would you give someone struggling to transition to a healthier lifestyle with a love for baked goods?

Take it one day at a time. It can be very intimidating but that is why I created my company-to make it easy again!

What has been one of the biggest challenges for you starting and running this business?

Finding the time for myself- I am a mom to my two sweet boys, have a great husband, and I have the BEST job I could ever dream of-so often times, I forget to do things for myself. I have now dedicated Saturday mornings to “me” time to catch up on things that I enjoy that are not work related. It’s a struggle! When you work from home the lines can get very blurry of when work ends especially when it’s your company.

Copy by: Paige Carter