Maëlle Beauty Launches Female Forward Community-Built Content

Maëlle Beauty, a direct-to-consumer beauty brand that offers luxury quality skincare and cosmetics for under $30, continues to push the boundaries of what is means to be a luxury beauty brand today.

“We believe that having a premium beauty routine, from start to finish, is what every woman deserves. Modern beauty brands carry more responsibility to bring high-quality products and increased transparency to their customers, without the inflated markup and opaque pricing,” said CEO Kelsey Reitz.

Besides drastically reducing the markup that other premium brands add to their product prices, Maëlle Beauty is focusing in on breaking other barriers in the space. While most brands strive to be authentic in the eyes of consumers, Maëlle is bringing to life the idea that real women should be front and center. They’ve taken this a step further with their recent, all-female shoot, featuring actual customers who use their products.

“In today’s Instagram-obsessed world, we have a mission to share the stories of the real-life superheroes we’ve come to know and respect — our customers. We wanted to bring together a group of strong, powerful women to share our mission: that you don’t need to be a celebrity to use premium, luxury beauty products,” said Reitz.

Along with featuring real customers, who will be featured on their website beginning September 1, their recent shoot was also done with the help of all-female photography, styling, makeup, and creative talent.